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Historical renovation
meets modern design.

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Built 1886-1888, the St Cloud Hotel is a four-story brick-and-timber building with a mansard roof. The building retains significant integrity with its original massing, windows, and much of the interior configuration and finishes are intact. 1892-1893 renovations included the addition of electric lights, call bells, and bathrooms in each room. A 1914 fire resulted in some fire damage to the fourth floor as well as water damage to lower floors, but the building was quickly restored. By the 1920s, the north wing was used as the state headquarters for the Ku Klux Klan while the fourth floor was converted to apartments. Tenants have varied on the first floor. The building appears to retain much of its first floor configuration in the lobby, coffee shop, and dining room while upper floors retain double-loaded corridors. The St. Cloud Hotel contributes to the Cañon City Historic District (NRHP 1983, boundary increase 1986).